Cyber Technology: A Digital Artifact for Human Being

Author: · Published: October 11, 2013 · Category: eLearning dan eEducation, Internet dan Web, Manajemen dan Kebijakan TI, Opini 

Happy Chandraleka


This article was created when I was a student of Diponegoro University, perhaps by the year 2000. I realize that there would be some changes to fit the situation nowadays since the rapid changes of computer and Internet world. But, I believe that the content of this article is still needed to widen people horizon especially for those who just enters Internet world.

Since the stone age of the Pithecanthropus Erectus until the digital era nowadays, people have tried to find more effective and inexpensive solutions to fascilitate their daily life. They tend not to do something difficult burdening themselves. They prefer making phone call to going out to their friends just to tell their friends that they will be absent for the meeting. Today, a new layer of digital era has come wiring this Earth into one networked information called cyber technology. This new invention of human being brings significant and marvelous impacts, changing the way of people on Earth in work, replacing the conservative way using manual system into the modern one using microchips system implemented in cyber technology. The new way would be easier. The new way would be more effective. In short, several benefits are gained in the use of cyber technology leading to the changing way of people in work.


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