Writer at paper writing services HOW TO WRITE A COMPARATIVE NARRATIVE ANALYSIS Ms. Thomas As a group, brainstorm the similarities and differences between you and a Mexican or Colombian student. (We may refer to apparent similarities and differences, but this is not the main point you emphasize.) You can think about similarities such as thought, family life, educational importance, interests, hobbies We should address differences. Please use the provided paper to organize your answer in Venn diagram. Everyone should pay the same attention - that is, do not concentrate most of you in other people or others. Find a balance point • In addition to identifying comparative people, it also determines the overall point of doing it. In other words, what is your message? • Can you give a general opinion on the person you choose to compare with yourself and yourself? • Regardless of whether your paper focuses on differences or similarities, you need to clarify the relationship between A and B in your paper. Your referrals include reference frames, reasons for comparison, and sentences. The two basic ways of organizing the body of a paper are personalized methods, discussing all A, then discussing the whole B, or a method of point-by-point discussion (function one by one) It refers to A's point. An alternative for B's comparable points ï, ¢ Example (Point by Point) After talking about yourself easily, I will contact other students in the same or different way. I repeat it again • Always ties your point of view to your discussion or keypoint so that the audience can see clearly how each part logically and systematically advances your discussion - Your conclusion should summarize the key points in your story and emphasize your statement of statements in new words. Transition phrases are likewise compared, likewise, likewise, likewise, likewise relatively, correspondingly, likewise, likewise, in combination with this. On the contrary, nevertheless, it nevertheless nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless, nevertheless, conversely, or conversely, nevertheless nevertheless still a truth II. Body paragraph (point-by-point method) A. Key point statement B. Point A with evidence C. Point with evidence B D. Link A and B E. Conclusion Comparative analysis as a writing technique is not the easiest task to achieve. This is very rewarding and requires a detailed explanation of the material, but the final result is worth it. With the help of comparative analytical techniques, how different are similar things and vice versa is the same. Good Comparative Analysis It takes time and effort to write a paper, but following the guidelines will help you get the best results! As mentioned earlier, comparative analysis requires some caution with regard to its main concept. In order to convince the reader, you need to find true common points or differences, depending on the type of comparison you have chosen. This is the problem - you have to look into the two principles you compare in detail. To emphasize major similarities and differences, you need to understand the topic. This paper makes a comparative analysis of the philosophical principles of the two philosophers. These are the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of Augustine. The authors compare the philosophical beliefs and rationality, the existence of God, the theory of knowledge, and the analytical expression of their basic philosophical methods and conclusions. The ideas of Thomas Aquinas and Augustine mimic their philosophical heroes, Plato and Aristotle's gestures. Augustine refers to heaven, Aquinas shows gestures towards the earth, and each epistemology and opinion relates to the nature and extent of knowledge. But their ideas are intertwined. There are similarities and differences in the epistemology of the two philosophers detailed in the comparative analysis.

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