Intelligent Agent Architecture for Digital Library

Author: · Published: September 27, 2006 · Category: Dokumentasi dan Perpustakaan 

Romi Satria Wahono

The new challenge in artificial intelligence is extending the functionality of traditional expert systems to be able to work on distributed information systems, such as digital library, electronic commerce, etc. Artificial intelligence allows us to build system, which is smarter than it otherwise would be, and which is qualitative better than system that does not use artificial intelligence techniques. The size, complexity and as yet undetermined nature of digital libraries mean that a centralized development strategy is not likely to work. Agent-based systems are naturally decentralized, and can potentially be used to implement large-scale digital libraries. Researchers mean many different things by agent, but there is agreement that agents are computational process that operate without direct supervision from humans, and that they interact with other agents to carry out tasks or otherwise pursue their objectives.

In this paper we present the architecture of digital library by adopting multi agent approach from artificial intelligence. By using this approach is expected there will be a smart decentralized digital library, which can handle the need of the more complex digital library systems.

Download Tulisan Lengkap: romi-ti9-iaa-digitallibrary.pdf

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